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All invitations are fully customizable, Thank You cards and business card size 411 cards are also available.
More samples will be up soon.
These cards are double sided 5x7 size printed on premium card stock with envelopes.
Sold in sets of 25 for $50
You can also choose one sided cards printed on photo paper with envelopes for $1.50 ea (minimum of 25)
Otostudio_GraduationCard_58_frontOtostudio_GraduationCard_58_back_2019Madelyn  FrontMadelyn BackOtostudio_GraduationCard_80_frontOtostudio_GraduationCard_80_back1Otostudio_GraduationCard_97_frontOtostudio_GraduationCard_97_backMaddy FrontMaddy BackSydney frontSydney BackOwen FrontOwen BackAndre FrontAndre Backallison Frontallison BackJillian BackJillian Front